1. Mechanical cutting:

  • gillotine shears
    max. thickness = 25 mm, max. length = 3150 mm
  • universal section shears

2. Rolling of metal sheets

  • max. thickness = 50 mm,
  • max. length = 3000 mm

3. Plasma cutting (any shape):

  • plasma cutting-off machine - max. thickness = 100 mm
  • propane-butane cutting-off machine - max. thickness = 300 mm

4. Machining

  • turning
    max. O = 3600 mm, max. length = 2100 mm
  • grinding
    - cylindrical and conical external surfaces
    max. O = 640 mm, max. length = 4000 mm
    - holes
    max. R = 200 mm, max. length = 220 mm
    - flat surfaces
    max. dimensions = 1000 x 300 mm, h = 280 mm
    - gear teeth
    max. O = 350 mm, max. module pitch = 10
  • milling
    - slab milling, profile milling
    max. dimensions = 2000 x 400 x 440 mm
    - cylindrical gears
    O = 50 - 500 mm, max. length 10
  • slotting
    max. O = 1250 mm, max. length = 320 mm
  • planning
    surfaces and shapes
    max. dimensions 4000 x 800 x 700 mm

5. Heat and thermochemical treatment:

  • carburizing, hardening, annealing
    annealing furnance dim = 1000 x 60 x 600 mm
    furnance temperature up to 1000 °C
    max. O = 600 mm,
    max. length = 3000 mm,
    furnance temperature up to 700 °C
  • induction annealing

6. Anticorrosion protection of equipment and construction:

  • sandblasting
  • painting

We have a specialist crane and weigth section.

We deal with any jobs related to cranes and lifting equipment including renovation and rectification of raceways.

We are also authorized by the Inspectorate of the Technical Supervision Office in Lublin.

We offer following services:

1. Assembly, supply, specification of lifting equipment (winches, overhead cranes, lifts, davits).

2. Renovations, repairs and regular maintenance of lifts and cranes

3. Preparation of equipment for technical inspection and registration at the Technical Supervision Office.

4. Renovations of all types of scales, such as:
- railway and car scales,
- pendlum-cam scales,
- more accurate equal-arm balances and pendlum-cam scales,
- ordinary complex equal-arm balances,
- ordinary complex unequal-arm balances,
- ordinary complex steelyard balances.

5. Preparation of the above mentioned scales for legislation in the Office of Measurement and Quality.

We organize trainings in the form of lectures connected with practical exercises in the form of courses which take place on the grounds of our firm or at the Customer's location.

All courses are conducted according to programs confirmed by: the Office of Technical Inspection or the Department of Industrial Policy - Ministry of Economy.

The quality of training is quaranteed by the initiated and maintained Quality Management System meeting the requirements of the PN-EN ISO 9001:2001 norm.

We offer:

1. Courses concerning the operation of winch devices concluding with a State examination and the granting of authorizations by UDT:
- the operation of winches
- the operation of gantries controlled from the cabin
- the operation of gantries controlled from the floor level
- the operation of freight and hospital elevators
- the operation of movable passenger platforms
- the operation of self-propelled cranes

2. Courses on "Drivers (operators) of motor driven trucks (forklift and platform)". We have a program which also includes preparing the driver for performing operations connected with the exchange of gas cylinders, confirmed with an entry in the certificate. The graduate of the course receives a course completion certificate and authorization for the operation of all types of trucks with a motor drive.

3. Courses on crane authorizations (fastening of weights). The graduate of the course receives a certificate authorizing the performance of crane operations.

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